This work is powerful!!!

Dramatically raise your sense of self worth, life purpose and direction. Significantly raise your energetic vibration. Accelerate your spiritual development.  Open your heart to deeper self love and greater intimacy with others as a result. Leave behind a life time of baggage.

How can The Spiral help me?

  • Clear away a LARGE amount of emotional baggage across all areas in the least amount of time possible

  • Significantly raise your energetic vibration

  • Accelerate your spiritual development

  • Become a spiritual leader and influencer on a large scale

  • Find Life Purpose
  • Attract healing energy into your life
  • Heal your heart
  • Nourish your Mind, Body & Soul
  • Attract wealth & abundance
  • Love & relationships
  • Boost self confidence & self esteem
  • Become more balanced
  • Fatigue & tiredness
  • Plus much more

Start changing your life today

The Spiral

Here's what you get when you step into The Spiral.

1. Seven One on one  sessions with me, either in person or via zoom.

2. Membership to our exclusive online community where you can share this journey with other like minded people.

3. Ongoing coaching and support as you shed a life time of baggage dating back to childhood over 7 to 10 weeks.

Your life does not get better by chance. It gets better by change.

~ Jim Ron

The journey

The Spiral Journey is a path through 22 emotions that are the emotions that most restrict our development as a integrated being.
These session will take place over 7 - 10 weeks (longer if that feels right for you) however it is recommended to take the journey over 7 - 10 weeks.
At the beginning of each session we will have a chat to see where your at and what area of your life you would like to work on, we will also debrief on what has changed or taken place in your life since our last session.
We will then begin with a ritual to set our intention for the session, each session will vary on the ritual, it will depend on what you need for the day.
We will then begin our clearing journey of the emotions, each session is below if you would like more detail. There will be different exercises throughout and at the end, plus I'll give you something to work on during the week to help you integrate. Sessions go between 1 - 1.5 hours 

You can't pour from a empty cup, take care of yourself first.

Sessions 1-7
SHAME - A toxic and crippling sense of unworthiness
GUILT - A sense of failure to live up to a set of values or morals
DOGMA - Rigid inability to see beyond our own prejudice
FEAR - A future-based projection of not being good enough
GRIEF - The inability to let go of the past
PARALYZED WILL - Inability to act in the face of fear
PRIDE - Attachment to the reinforcement of our own worth
ANGER - The impulse to react against the perceived violation of our boundaries
DESIRE - A sense of being pulled towards, of wanting
REASON - The ability to think clearly whilst remaining emotionally open
ACCEPTANCE - The ability to be okay with self, other and the present situation
LOVE - A sense of interconnected oneness and non-separate unity
ANXIETY- Uncertainty of weather we can handle a future situation
CONFIDENCE - A sense of being 'good enough' that allows us to act 
LOW SELF-ESTEEM - Feelings caused by holding on to a negative self-image
TRUTH - Being okay to see and accept the whole picture
TRUST - The ability to lean into life and let the universe take care of you
RECEPTIVITY - A sense of worthy, but vulnerable openness
PEACE - The appreciation of restful stillness and harmony
JOY - A vibrant aliveness permeating our being
ENLIGHTENMENT - The direct sense of our own infinite nature
PURPOSE - A divinely  inspired sense of drive and meaning


Ongoing support

These sessions are available in person or via zoom

Payments can be made online or with cash on the day of your service 

Note: Pre-payments via pay pal are required with zoom sessions.

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