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Shadow work/Coaching

Break free from the chains you are currently bound by. Dismantle your beliefs that are keeping you stuck. It's time to finally see your shadow for the lie, the illusion that it really is. It's time to see the truth so you can finally live the life you desire. Clear up your shadows and you will start unlock your true potential to create the life you truly desire to live.


The Spiral

Dramatically raise your sense of self worth, life purpose and direction. Significantly raise your energetic vibration. Accelerate your spiritual development.  Open your heart to deeper self love and greater intimacy with others as a result. Leave behind a life time of baggage.


Manifestation Clearing

This is one of the most versatile clearing techniques. It utilizes the downwards current of the chakras to clear our ability to manifest a outcome. It can be used on a goal (eg; building a house) or on a general life area (eg; love and relationships) 



Kin-easy-ology is a powerful but gentle and holistic approach. It works at treating a broad range of health conditions from physical pain, emotional pain, learning difficulties, spiritual imbalances, energetic imbalances,  insomnia, weight management,  fear,  anxiety, addictions. Kinesiology can provide the answers you need to move forward in life.

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