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Fall in love with taking care of yourself - Mind - Body - Soul

Meet Trudy Morter 

Trudy Morter is a Kinesiology Practitioner (registered with The Australian Kinesiology Association), a Spiral Practitioner and Coach. Her mission is to help raise the consciousness of the planet. People come to Trudy when they want to get serious about creating change in their lives. She has a true gift for cutting through the bull**it, shattering the illusions that were created by the mind, unlocking people’s true potential & downloading codes that are uniquely aligned to you. Her ability to weave magik and cast spells leave people speechless. This is her passion & purpose in life. She has a thirst, a hunger, a burning desire to help people go deep within and explore places they may have never gone before.


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True healing will only occur when we are acknowledging all aspects of ourselves and treating ourselves accordingly 

Her professional trainings include:

  • Kinesiology Practitioner

  • LEAP Practitioner

  • Spiral Practitioner

  • Coach 

Trudy specializes in working with the chakras. While completing her Diploma Chakras were her elective study. She then went on to further her studies by becoming a Spiral Practitioner.


She has attended many workshops & studied various things to add to her magic to make her stand out from the crowd. Some but not all of these include.

  • Archetype work (intensive training)

  • Shadow work (intensive training)

  • Dark consciousness work

  • Burnout & fatigue

  • Primitave reflexes & the brainstem (intensive training)

  • Vipassanna

  • Psychic development

  • Tarot

  • Reiki 

  • Sexuality

  • Tantra 

  • ISTA level 1 & 2 

  • Dancing eros

  • Shamanic womb journey

  • Sound healing

  • Breath work

Plus so much more

Book a 30 min discovery call to see which journey suits you best.

To create change in your life you have to BE the change!

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8 weeks 1: 1 Coaching:

8 weeks 1:1 intensive container $3200


The Spiral:

8 weeks 1:1 program $2300

8 weeks 1 :1 Coaching:

1 week 1:1 intensive container $450 

Badass Boundaries:

8 week group program $800

Manifestation Clearing:

2.5hrs $250


1 hr 15 mins $150


Book a 30 min discovery call to see which journey suits you best.

Contact Us 

Trudy Morter

Phone: 0414535781

Lynbrook , Vic, Australia, 3977

E-mail: contact@energetichealingkinesiology.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/trudy.morter

Instagram: https://instagram.com/trudymorter

Web: www.energetichealingkinesiology.com

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